Nahum - Within Destruction

The thrash/death metal band Nahum, formed in Ostrava (Czech Republic) in 2004, has released their third album on 31st October 2018, on the label MetalGate, titled "Within Destruction". Debut album released in 2012 and in 2015 "And The Chaos Has Begun". And no doubt, since now, we are within the chaos and destruction of these new friends. It has been a very hard work of recording and production, because the album has been recorded in three studios: Abbadon studio, GM studio and M-Kapec studio. While mixed and mastered in studio Hertz (Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated). And the result is excellent, it was worth the wait.

'Within destruction' starts with a powerful and dark riff, in addition to the solos that accompany in each moment. The blast beat part is brutal, they are not black, but sound blacker than some black acts.

'The Last Attack Of Final Cataclysm' contains brutal riffs and drumming, with melodic part, old school of course, some excellents solos. Just an accurate shot. 'When The Sun Turns To Black', starts with drums and arpeggios, with a Slayer flavor. After seconds all changes to a death metal hammer, in the vein of Vader. And again with a great solo.

'Between The Hammers Of Doom', old school style track, not so fast, 90´s rules. 'Mother death', Slayer style in the beginning, fast and hard parts, good solo. 'United In Hate', again with a breeze of Vader, just brutal. Incessant rain of riffs, like throughout all the disc, the perfect mix between death metal and thrash metal riffs, they are on the edge. 'Whores Of War', I think it is maybe the thrasher track of the album, but always keeping the dark touch of death metal. 'Grand Finale', brutality is here, fast blast beats mixed with mid tempos, as always great solos. 'Annihilated.All.bsolutelly' melodic arpeggios and solo in the beginning, crushing thrash metal now, great solo again. Here it ends.

One of the best works of 2018, very good musicians and vocalist, perfect sound, clear and forceful. The artwork is made by Vladimir “Smerdulak” Chebakov (Katalepsy, Sodom). Nahum is a secret treasure that has to unfold. You can see them on tour in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland in 2019 tour. Try to see them and in the meantime get this masterpiece.


1. Within Destruction
2. The Last Attack of Final Cataclysm
3. When the Sun Turns to Black
4. Between the Hammers of Doom
5. Mother Death
6. United in Hate
7. Whores of War
8. Grand Finale
9. Annihilated. All. Absolutely.