Naildown - Dreamcrusher

Acid Universe is a metal project starting in 2003 and after two demos it is becoming a band and changing the name to Naildown. After their debut "World Domination" in 2005 it is now time for "Dreamcrusher" in 2007. The band is playing hybrid metal that is set in a powerful mix. Aggressive riffing guitars can also be gentle and doing some great leads. Keyboards add extra atmosphere with being to dominant. Vocalstyle is light grunting and clean singing or screaming. Overall the songs changing tempo without hestitation and you fan find a groove in each track. Nevertheless the album songs mature and worth trying out.

1. Dreamcrusher
2. Judgement Ride
3. Lame
4. P.I.B.
5. Silent Fall
6. Like I'd Care
7. Deep Under the Stones
8. Save your Breath
9. The New Wave

Spinefarm Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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