Nailgun Massacre - Boned, Boxed And Buried

Now this type of review is the fun type... I love such bands damn it. The combination of horror along with the humor is the best and those guys are into it. The boys from the Netherlands are obviously into horror movies and gory/splatter themed lyrical concepts. Something that can be easily told by anyone holding the CD or reading the song titles. Titles as 'Where's The Head?', 'I Bury The Hatchet In Your Face', 'Stinky Stench', 'What's In The Box' and 7 more like them, they declare only one thing. Their love for gore and death metal. Musically their wavelength varies from old school to old school. Nailgun Massacre don't know what it means to blastbeat and it looks like they don't need that. The groove they wanna create doesn't need such things and believe me once the play button is pushed nothing will matter afterward. You will just find yourself sunk deep in the mud they have created with this new full length they unleashed. And we're talking about mud here lads. Deep and sticky as hell. Keeps you with it and won't let you go.

Nailgun Massacre (who possibly got named after the 1985 horror film of Terry Lofton), have created an album that I believe will haunt all the horror freaks out there. Especially the Necrophagia lovers. Not only with the music, but with the samples they chose to interfere between their songs and breaks, with the way their songs are constructed and with the overall CD layout. If we just stick to music, the groovy element dominates the hearing process. When they want to speed things up they have thrashy outbursts but never and under no condition do they attempt to go for modern stuff as blasting or any shit like that. Nailgun Massacre's music is strictly old school business. And this means heavy riffs taking you to the dark side along with great leads that are spread plenty throughout the album, but again let's be crystal clear with something. We say leads and solos but don't let yourself  mislead to technical shit and stuff. Their leads and solos are brilliant. Minimal and in minor scales, bringing forth the negativity and creating a creepy atmosphere they so much adore. Horror death metal I'm tellin ya. Can't get it better.

The bass guitar is fat in here and the drums are holding everything to basics. This minimal attitude on performance is what makes this album excellent. Brings forth the brutality of simplicity. The production is close to swamp. This is what the style needs. No clear shit here and no polishing. Just mud to make everything sound dirty. Clear enough though to make em distinct. The artwork is simply perfect and fits the music 100%. "Boned, Boxed And Buried" is the answer of Nailgun Massacre to the ones wanting to listen to true extremity uncompromised in age 2015 and I am definitely falling for that. 44 minutes of horror extremity again and again and again for lovers of Necrophagia, primitive Death, Autopsy and Asphyx. Simply brilliant.

  1. Where's The Head?
  2. Boned, Boxed And Buried
  3. Stinky Stench
  4. I Bury The Hatched In Your Face
  5. Meat Locker
  6. Nailgun Messiah
  7. Casket Full Of Fun
  8. The Doctor And The Beast
  9. Mad Road Killer
  10. What's In The Box?
  11. Lower Me Down