Namek - Vaginator

Namek started in 1998 and now releasing their new porngrind opus Vaginator. The artwork looks great, the style is a bit cartoon or manga wise. And when you read the titles you know why this is pure porn. Songs that have funny titles and using various samples as intro parts. Musically it is going fast in relative short songs but they use melody and tempo changes. Count with that the tomach vocals and short riffing guitars and it is pure grind. Vaginator is an album that grabs you firmly with its hook and aggression.

1. Prelude To Absolute Fornication, Sodomy, Incest And Necrosymphonic Entertainment-Avalanche Fistfuck Fatality
2. Scatological Nazi Bitch
3. Vaginator
4. Relics Of Vaginal Obliteration
5. Vomitwarp
6. Plasmoid Pussy
7. Transvaginal Apocalypse
8. Sorbonne Sevahc 777-Droid Clit
9. The Robocock
10. Regurgitated Leftovers Of Clitorial Carnage
11. V.U.LV.A. (The Anti-Gay Brigade)
12. Celophane Wermacht
13. Psychosadistic Genital Masticator
14. Carniwhore
15. Rancid Discharge Of Cryptosexual Fluids
16. Whoregasmatron
17. Supersonic Coprophagist
18. To Mega Clitherion

Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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