Nammoth - Demo '09

I fuckin' love getting demos sent to me! It's gives you a rough insight of whats lurking out there in the catacombs of death metal! I was most certainly surprised when Nammoth came brustin' from my speakers.

Nammoth are Polish however they don't have all the usual "Polish" death metal traits ala Vader and Behemoth. These guys are all about the fuckin' heaviness!!! They are a 6 piece band consisting of a vocalist, 2 seven string guitarists, 2 six string bass players and a drummer! That's alotta low end!!! And by god it works!!! The demo is a well produced, well executed slab of brutal old school death metal. There are 4 songs on offer here plus an intro. Each one more punishing than the last!!!

I visited these guys Myspace to check out some vids and stuff and these guys slay!! It also says these guys are looking for a label. Oh metal Gods, get these guys a record label. The world needs to hear Nammoth!

1. Intro
2. Curse All
3. Last Moment's Of God
4. Pain Of Mankind
5. Burn The Liars

Self released
Reviewer: Connor
Jan 4, 2010

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