Napalm Ted - Complete Success (2015 - 2017)

Napalm Ted comes from Oulu, Finland and it's line up consists of three Ted's: Ted Nugget on bass, Gravy Ted on guitars/growls and Han Ted on drums/shout.

"Complete Success" is a compilation album with 42 tracks of grindcore/death metal mixed with solid dose of punk guitar riffing. Expect nothing but fast and brutal music that is perfect for neck breaking headbanging and aggressive pogoing. Many tracks are above the 2-minute mark which is untypical for a grindcore band but Napalm Ted are not your typical grindcore band anyway.

The three Ted's manage to stay interesting during all of the 42 tracks which is an accomplishment in this style. Besides their own songs you will find also several cover versions from bands that have influenced the Ted band: Macabre, Terrorizer, Agathocles...

If you want to hear a talented Finnish grindcore/death metal and punk band, then this "Complete Success" is a perfect start. I hope to hear more from this band because Napalm Ted are as much fun as their name suggests!


1. Blue Love
2. Ancient Beast
3. This Bitter Hatred
4. Ascending The Throne
5. Napalm Jizzler
6. S.C.M.O.D.S.
7. McDahmer's (cover Macabre)
8. Fear Of Napalm (cover Terrorizer)
9. Into The Endless Pit
10. Finnish Jizzler
11. S.C.M.O.D.S. (Live #1)
12. S.C.M.O.D.S. (Live #2)
13. Born!
14. Vegadeth
15. Harlequin
16. Pig Head
17. That Teddy
18. Burnt Arm
19. The Chosen
20. That Teddy (Vegamachine remix)
21. The Bone Fountain
22. Abyssal Torment
23. Qualms Of Doom
24. Vegagore
25. The Deadline
26. Bad Dude
27. Hunter
28. Meat Train
29. Revival (Burnt Arm, Pt.2)
30. Head On
31. Fear Of Napalm Ted
32. Death Island
33. The Sick, The Sad And The Crooked
34. Coffin Liquor
35. A Market
36. Baker
37. Meatwave
38. Mass Scale Infestation
39. Death Island (Extended Instrumental Version)
40. Kapakasta Kapakkaan (cover Kake Randelin)
41. Lay Off Me (cover Agathocles)
42. The Spud