Narbeleth - A Hatred Manifesto

Narbeleth brings forth their second full length release here. Narbeleth is pretty much one guy, Dakkar, hailing all the way from Cuba. One or two man black metal projects are always the best. This release will not dissapoint in the least.

The album starts off wretched and disgusting from the get go. Agonizing screams, blast beats, tremolo picking... what more could you ask for. This is not a sit back and chill out style here. This is a steam train that is very pissed off and is not stopping until all is destroyed. Great harmonies all through out the album with blistering drums as well. A very consistent album and to pick out specific songs would just take away from the enitre album. This is a record you can listen all the way through and be taken on different sonic paths. If you like fast in your face black metal and are fans of Anaal Nathrak, Old Mans Child (early), and Dark Funeral then this album is for you. Plus now you can say you like black metal from Cuba!

  1. Total Isolation
  2. Breathing a Wind of Hatred
  3. Fuck Off!
  4. Rotten to the Core
  5. Land of the Heathen
  6. Posercorpse
  7. Nihilistic Propaganda
  8. Nyx (cover Urgehal)

Reviewer: Hollow Lung
May 8, 2014
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