Narcissus - Crave And Collapse

Narcissus is a band from Ohio USA and is playing hardcore. Not the traditional hardcore but they passing the saftyborders and play hardocre with guitars that dominant, powerful and technical. Vocals are clean but with the typical scream lines. Tempo of the songs is mostly in higher frequency but with different twisting points. Narcissus is playing on the edge of hardcore and nu metal and probably want ot tickle your senses as they are playing most of time just for themselves according to the bandname. Progressive band.

1. Division of the figureheads
2. Crave and collapse
3. Talented prey - weak hunter
4. Rush
5. Sound of silver
6. Pride/politics
7. To James
8. The recovery
9. Seveneight
10. Blessed coma
11. Indifference of living
12. Anticardia
13. Grey

Century Media
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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