Narrow House – A Key To Panngrieb

‘A Key to Panngrieb’ is definitely a CD filled with such a dark ambiance that it could be the background music for an apocalypse. I looked Narrow House up and they are categorized as Apocalyptic Doom Metal so that fits. On their website they are listed as “atmopsheric funeral doom” which fits as well.

‘The Last Refuge’ starts off with haunting piano along with an inaudible voice that could absolutely be the soundtrack while standing in a field of apocalyptic aftermath. The song is fourteen minutes long and it builds with thin layers of additional music that is almost like a resurrection.

‘Psevdoryatunok’ is the shortest track out of four tracks total on the CD. And, while it starts out dark and brooding, there is a brief happy moment halfway through, then goes back into a moody stretch. The drums are prevalent, and there is a hint of string music at the end.

The third track, ‘Glass God’ is really just more of the same in the beginning (dark and brooding). This track pervaded my ears as the tempo picked up, then went back down, then picked up again.

The fourth and final track on this release, ‘Behind the Mask This’ is a great finale. By this point in the CD, I had broken down into tears twice because it was such an emotional roller coaster of sound.

I recommend this CD to anyone that enjoys Apocalyptic Doom Metal and a cleansing, emotional breakdown.

Reviewer: Darlene Steelman

Sep 26, 2012

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Narrow House – A Key To Panngrieb

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1. The Last Refuge
2. Psevdoryatunok
3. Glass God
4. Behind the Mask This

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