Nattsol - Stemning

Nattsol combine progressive metal, black metal, and even viking metal together for a unique experience. Formulating in 2006 they've just released their debut, 'Stemning,' and it is a raw, yet also atmospheric release. One part sheer, evil black metal and the other acoustic beauty, one has to hear this album on two fronts. The opening track is the most balanced of all with its raw guitar sound, fuzzy production to create a hazy atmosphere, softer acoustic moments, enraged, torturous screams, and often harmonic, chanting. Unfortunately, Nattsol stick more to the black metal side of things, creating a bit of a one sided album with tracks like "Ved Skog I Natterstid" and "Ved Elv I Eismal Stund." Sometimes they're downright aggressive, and sometimes very groovy and melodic at times, with a nice range of vocal varieties, from anguished screams to growls to muddled singing, but the overall production and weight of the music leave little room for full appreciation.

If there is one track that fans will really appreciate, it is the last one, "Ved Hav I Avdagsleitet." And probably because there's nothing else like it. It isn't even black metal... just soft, melodic acoustic guitar and female vocals singing. This is one of those 'shot in the dark' tracks where fans will either love it for its difference from all the others, or hate it because it has no relation to the rest of the music, or a very slight relation at that. For this particular track is has a very 'folkish' touch to it that continues the whole atmosphere-focused idea with the female vocals being very soothing and also somewhat faded, like the harsh vocals were on the earlier tracks by the music. This whole dreamy landscape paints a perfect picture of serenity, and works nicely after about five tracks of sonic audio hell. The acoustic work is very impressive- Nattsol's best on the album. Very similar to Opeth.

Fans at fist may be skeptical because all the tracks 'look the same' since they're titled "Ved" all the time. But, after listening through each track, there's a lot more than meets the eye with this band. Whether its the raging cacophony of black metal or the acoustic, progressive parts, there's enough credibility for fans to say that Nattsol are more than just two or three guys hashing it out for a debut. There's a lot of skill and placement knowledge on each track, and the atmosphere the instruments create is just overwhelming (in a good way). For fans of Svarti Loghin (early stuff), Alcest, and Agalloch.

  1. Ved Aas I Haustmoerket
  2. Ved Baal I Kveldstime
  3. Ved Skog I Natterstid
  4. Ved Fjell I Vinterblaest
  5. Ved Elv I Eismal Stund
  6. Ved Hav I Avdagsleitet

Lupus Lounge
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Oct 25, 2010

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