Navalm – Cursed Land

Three years after the release of “Beyond The Reality”, Navalm is back in force with its eighth album “Cursed Land”. So if this seems obvious to me, and that I appreciate the band, I totally can understand the disappointment of possible fans due to the band’s lack of visibility : not present on social networks, no appearances on Western stages, very confidential band as their members seem not to exist too. Nevertheless, Navalm originally based, when it was created, in Sevastopol Russia is one of the most beautiful flagships of death metal music in this part of the world.

As difficult to name the different members of the band. For instance the singer seems to be the third since their beginnings, I will not try to name the whole current line up because there would inevitably or surely be possible errors.

However, let us focus on this new album which presents some very accomplished compositions, if we had to qualify the style I would say melodic technical doom death metal, with some thrashy parts. Except the guttural voice everyone will find through the songs these very marked influences. We are not in the conventional or something comfortable with this music, a lot of experimentations are in my eyes what gives it the most appeal. This album may sound very strange but after a very careful listening, the genius is underlying but not yet fully expressed. However, for those who were enough lucky to have in their hands one of their previous albums, one can only notice the work accomplished with this “Cursed Land”. For me this is a converted try. Of course, for some people it will be an evidence of how good this music is, they will be spontaneously contaminated by it.

Nothing bad to report about the sound, the production, the arrangements. It sounds good and you can push the volume beyond the limits, it is a real pleasure in these dark pandemic days. I love and I recommend all these riffs which sometimes accelerate according to the songs. The musicians are very talented which in my eyes is a pledge of professionalism at least in the artistic direction taken by this album, the singer has a voice that sticks to the style, very guttural and understandable. Yes, this album is a brave piece, but be careful, do not stop listening at the first time because no song looks like another (it changes us from heavy metal).

Then, as flagship titles, I would say: ‘Forgotten Memories’, ‘Nuclear Paradise’, ‘The Berserker’, ‘Cursed Land’!! In fact, the whole album deserves to be recommended. Moreover it will be a fatal error to miss it, because it is a good revelation in this musical style, the new challenger for the already well established bands can be found in Russia, at least Navalm is a more than serious contender to invade the hearts and discographies of all the headbangers.

4 / 5 STARS

Reviewer: Ian Rache Nor

May 31, 2021

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Navalm – Cursed Land

review Navalm - Cursed Land

1. Souls From The Depth
2. Nuclear Paradise
3. The Berserker (Death Metal War Machine)
4. Forgotten Memories
5. Static Patterns Of Human Consciousness
6. God Blessed Suicide
7. Loss Of Humanities
8. Cursed Land


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