Nazgul - Awaiting The Battle Ravens / When The Wolves Return To The Forest

Spanish black metal horde that is releasing some old work through Christhunt. On both releases there are demo songs includeded. Nice cold and grim vocals in melodic various songs. Not only raging black metal but with interludes but mainly the fast tempo. The guitars are an electri wall of sound and the fast drums are done by the vocalist. Curious how he will do it on stage. For the real black metal fan who wants to drown in hate, war and paganism has two nice discs to get his hands on.

1. At the gates of Samhain night (intro)
2. Land of my ancestors
3. Born in unbaptised forest
4. Awaiting the battle ravens
5. Celtiberian werewolf warriors
6. Wrath of Taranis (instrumental)
7. Under The Barbarian Swords
8. And The Snow Falls In The Forest

1. Intro
2. The pagan westland arise again
3. When the wolves return to the forest
4. Born and die under the steel law
5. Outro
6. Celtic lands
7. From my throne of Winter
8. Buried in crystalline lakes of ice
9. Forgotten Realms

Christhunt Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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