Nazxul - Black Seed

This best of compilation, "Black Seed" is a re-release of their 1998 album. It also contains the first Nazxul four-track demo EP from 1994 on Vampire Records and two live tracks as well. The first four tracks which consist of the original 1998 version of "Black Seed" are well-orchestrated black metal, opening up with "Vow Of Vengeance," which is an absolute masterpiece of black sadness. Who would have thought black metal saturated with heavy synth could sound so good. The other three tracks from the '98 release are vile black metal full of pathos and also containing synth and organ as well as some experimental mad scientist application of sound clips Nazxul's song structures make a little more sense than many black metal bands -- did I hear a verse-chorus song structure in "Under The Sign Of Life's Living End"? I could swear I did. More importantly though, this is definitely the sound of the armies of Sauron bursting from the gates of Mordor directly into your head space at ramming speed!

The two live tracks, "Totem" and "I Awaken (Among Them)" are a great live sound and not compromising any dramatic flare while still managing to contain the wicked fanatacism of the live audience. The tracks from the original '94 EP are more raw old school black metal sound, possessing a lot more feral intensity in the vocals and guitars than the later works. All in all this release is a great introduction into the sound of Nazxul, one of the more talented black metal bands anywhere on the planet.

1. Vow of Vengeance
2. Black Seed Sown
3. Apostasies Legions Arise, XUL!
4. Under the Sign of Lifes Living End 5. Totem (Live)
6. I Awaken (Amongst Them) (Live)
7. Hymn of a Dying Moon
8. Vermis Mysteriis
9. Eternum
10. Eden

Asphyxiate Recordings
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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