Ne Obliviscaris - Portal Of I

Extreme Progressive Metal has always been hit or miss for me. Some bands can incorporate the complex dynamic technical progressive elements into their heavy music while some bands seem to create subpar musical arrangements and use the heavier side of their music to make up for the lack of musical skill. Ne Obliviscaris is definitely a band that likes to push the boundaries of extreme progressive metal and show off their great musicianship. On their debut full length album “Portal of I” the songs are experimental with a diverse range of sounds that can be melodic and heavy while maintaining a pleasant balance. The classical influences and along with the use of violin gives this album an extra progressive emphasis. I know some stubborn metal heads might think that a violin is not metal, but I have to say that the violin playing is really impressive and flows well with the other instruments even during heavy parts. The instrumental composition is extremely thought out along with the lyrics.

On the first track “Tapestry of the Starless Abstract” the guitar riff is a black metal sounding build up that is very triumphant and the vocals also remind me of the scratchy black metal style. However, the singer starts to growl and another singer provides clean vocals. At first this unique combination caught me off guard, but after listening to the song a couple times I find that the dueling vocals are a huge plus to the songs overall sound. When it comes to the guitar playing the lead playing is out of this world. In this one song alone the guitar solos are technical masterpieces and this guitarist must be classically trained because he seems to know which notes to play with high precision. In the middle section I feel the violin piece and slower tempo goes on a little long before kicking right back into the intense brutal technical progressive madness. The second track “Xenoflux” is another well composed piece of music and the drumming is solid. This drummer must be sweating profusely after each song because his style sounds like a machine gun shooting a million rounds per second. In the heat of the growling vocals, insane guitar riffs, and lightening fast drumming the song slows down to introduce yet another violin part. However, on this violin solo I notice the guitar playing in the background works well with the shrieking violin notes. One of my favorite songs on this album which also highlights the dueling vocals is “Forget Not.” I am left silent during the guitar solo because the powerful tone rings out perfectly while going through melodic heavy sounding scales.

After listening to the whole album I can honestly say that violins can be incorporated in metal if done right, and these Australian musicians know how to make amazing extreme progressive metal. The musicianship is really what makes this album worth listening to and even if you are not a fan of progressive metal you have to give tremendous credit to these guys for playing at such a high technical level. On this album I hear great progressive metal that in one song alone is filled with tons of different musical influences. I find that this album can appeal to a wide range of metal fans and has a sound that is jumping into uncharted metal territories. Ne Obliviscaris is an extreme progressive metal group taking on multiple metal influences while creating a new impressive sound that will hopefully be turning heads in the global metal world someday.



  1. Tapestry Of The Starless Abstract
  2. Xenoflux
  3. Of The Leper Butterflies
  4. Forget Not
  5. And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope 1
  6. As Icicles Fall
  7. Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise