Necrohell - Carpathian Nights

Bringing back the occult spirit of the 90s Black Metal, Necrohell is as raw and grim as such nostalgics would like, drawing on influences like Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, and even Nattefrost. Track after track, their sophomore effort 'Carpathian Nights' continues the brutal legacy of what this duo has to offer. Pieces like "Dead Black Funeral" and "Dance Of Mephisto" have plenty of occult themes to them and focus heavily on tremolo picking to create a cold, crisp sound that seem to blanket the vocals throughout the album, making them somewhat difficult to hear, but not as faded out like on a Striborg album or in the vein of Depressive Black Metal. Still, varied atmosphere is something that is sorely missing from the album as after a while each track tends to sound just like the one that followed it, and without much of a significant pause between songs either in the form of a specific guitar solo or an ambient/ acoustic interlude, the line between which song is which can be blurred indeed.

In fact, the only track that really shows much difference from all the others is "Thy Infernal Majesty." Sporting a more Blackened Punk style that Darkthrone fans will probably enjoy quite a bit more, listeners can hear more pauses between riffs as opposed to the seamless tremolo picking over and over. There is more rhythm involved and overall a stronger sense of direction that can be followed rather than trying to figure out the difference between the journeys in "Offspring Of A Divine Orgy" and "Acid Vision Of His Palace." The closing and equally rhythm cover of "38 Millimeter" puts a Black Metal spin on the original while still retaining the original structure, but it pretty much lines up right along with "Infernal Majesty." Ultimately, this is a collection of rather dry material that will appeal to mostly fans of the 'kvlt' kinds of Black Metal, but fans of more modern and avant-garde works will probably look for something more polished and varied.


  1. Acid Vision Of His Palance
  2. Carpathian Nights
  3. Dance Of Mephisto
  4. Dead Black Funeral
  5. In Black Death's Embrace
  6. Offspring Of A Divine Orgy
  7. Thy Infernal Majesty
  8. 38 Millimeter (cover Adiexodo)