Necroptic - Meticulous Pathology

Necroptic is a one man band project hailing from Nordjylland, Denmark. Now, these days it's really hard to come into the limelight as a one man project what with the likes of the might Putrid Pile and Viral Load/Insidious Decrepancy dominating the circuits and the airwaves but Necroptic is something else! After abit of digging deeper, I read that this is a demo?  It's gotta be said that the whole package as a whole looks sterling with excellent artwork and packaging.

Generally for me personally, the first thing I listen to in one man band projects is the sound of the drum machine for this can trully be the let down in this type thing. But in this case it's not bad, not fantastic but it's ok. The vocals are guttural and filthy (which sound fuckin class) and fairly high in the mix with the detuned guitars sitting nicely behind them. The songs are nicely structured with just enough slams and technicality to keep the listener intrigued. The tones on the instruments are pretty cool too and most certainly for a demo, class. Influences can most definitely be heard from the aforementioned peers but I can also hear the New York sound ala Internal Bleeding/Skinless in the breakdowns which I really dig.

I'm really glad I heard this band as I had never heard of them before.  A fantastic listen for a demo and most certainly will be an asset to Sevared Records some day. Brutal as hell! Look out for it!

1. Inherited Depravity
2. Dissecting Genitals
3. Juvenile Throat Fuck
4. Malodorous Mutilation of Exigent Rot Bloated Womb
5. The Abuse of Emectic to Disgorging My Uvula 
6. Disgorged
7. Insalubrious Meningitis

Sevared Records
Reviewer: Connor
Feb 24, 2010

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