Necros / Abnorm - Split

Two rather unknown bands from France teamed up for this Split tape. It contains about 30 minutes of total playing time and was launched by the hard working guys and girls at Nihilistic Holocaust Distribution. The tape starts with four tracks of Necros. The band offers raw and dark underground Death Metal in the vein of Incantation and Acheron. Mid-tempo based passages turn into faster parts and also into crushing slower stuff. So there are some alternations to satisfy your need for non-commercial Death Metal. In my opinion, the dark vocals are a little bit too one-dimensional and a few more changes would surely enhance the songs. The sound quality is also true underground. Don´t get me wrong: I´m not talking about a dreadful garage recording, but about an adequate sound pattern. The cover of Incantations “Anoint The Chosen” closes the first part of this tape with style and the song doesn´t differ very much from the bands own material. Abnorm is responsible for the next four tracks and the band also offers a raw and dark brewage of Death Metal with some Black Metal orientated riffs. Abnorm plays a faster and thrashier style than their Split partners Necros. The only exception is the last track, which is a mid-tempo based number without any blast beats. Unfortunately the songs are a bit subdued by the recording quality. Nevertheless Abnorms aim to deliver dark Death / Black Metal without any compromise could not be overlooked. In any case, this tape is suitable for utter underground maniacs and those who are into gruff and solid Death Metal.

1. To An Endless Chaos…
2. Bloody Throne
3. Gehenna
4. Anoint The Chosen (Incantation Cover) 

5. Intro 
6. Occularis Infernum (The Devilish Contemplations) 
7. Schemes Of Hate And Denial 
8. The Dead End Path Passenger

Nihilistic Holocaust
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 26, 2009
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