Necrotic - Among The Nauseating Depravity

"Among The Nauseating Depravity" is Necrotic's first full length album and it was released last years December via American Line Productions. This one's definitely not suitable for weak ears. Goddamn it… Mexico's self-proclaimed answer to Brodequin simply blew me away! This brutal Death Metal powerhouse is surely a hidden treasure, but this awesome debut album will rip your fucking heads off. Blood gargling vocals and aggressive riffs meet a highspeed drum massacre to melt to an extremely violent piece of underground Death Metal. The very few midtempo parts relax the blast beat dominated eruptions and avoid a monotonous impression. The guitar- and the bass-lines could have been a bit louder on this recording, but they'll still kick your lazy asses all over the place. Recommended to those who like Brodequin, Wormeaten, Massmurder or Brutus.

1. Green Girl
2. Scape Entrails
3. Smashed Children
4. Unhinging Orgasmic
5. Manipulated Corpses
6. Bastardization
7. Necrovoragine
8. Unnatural Spawn
9. Ordure King
10. Mess
American Line Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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