NecroticGoreBeast - Human Deviance Galore

Second full length under the banner of Comatose from the ravagers from Canada. Their self-titled debut of 2019 was shockingly brutal, leaving promises on what would follow. “Human Deviance Galore” exceeds the expectations by taking the brutality of its predecessor to the next level in many ways. Relentless blastbeats and drumming in general dragging everything to the fast side, putting together swirling riffs and a super bulldozer-tight bass guitar. Vocals outta this world. Deep gutturals and grunts flowing alongside the stream created by the strings and sometimes even having their own flow, taking it to the next level.

But let’s start from the basics. Riffs themselves here, have a character. Swirling and menacing, switching to heavy slamming chops and then back to their initial swirl. Precision is a key word here as everything is performed excellently with zero flows keeping the overall outcome, super tight. The album introduces itself with a nice creepy (kind of sci-fi-ish) intro for almost a minute, and then a slamming introduction is initiated, grabbing the poor listener by the balls. This is huge man. Guitars and bass create a thick wall of sound following the slam-brutal death protocol. Simple on some occasions and technical on others. These lads here have no problem leaning from one side to the other without a drop of sweat making it look so easy. The drums are a chapter on their own. Furious and relentless.

Blastbeat upon blastbeat and when the beat changes you either get super-fast double bass drum with the hands staying on basics, or entirely technical beats always though keeping in mind how groove, adding to the entire outcome. Vast variety of techniques in the drummer’s arsenal and of course the discipline of “how” and “when”. Combined with the riffs, what you get is a totally NON-BORING 35 minutes of rabid slam-brutal death. Songs proceed in a tremendous pace creating their own swirl. They never forget to add intro-samples here and there giving a humorous tone to their savagery. Like the one in 'Excremental Hemorrhage Fisting' or the one in 'Forced Tracheotomy Penetration'. Add to the above the utter beast behind the mic, I can say without a doubt that this new atrocity from NecroticGoreBeast could be one of the top 10 slam-brutal death releases of 2021.

Production helps a lot of course making “Human Deviance Galore” sound huge. Great work in the mix. And I mean… GREAT work in the mix. Everything has its own space. Everything can be heard loud and clear and if you add the great mastering you can see how they all work together. Could be just a tad less polished but fuck it. Loud, heavy and at your face. The exquisite artwork simply makes it a MUST-BUY to the fans of the genre. You dig bands as Abominable Putridity, Kraanium or Visceral Disgorge? Can’t let that one go!

5 / 5 STARS

1. Deviant Primitive Debauchery
2. Grotesque Pathological Anomalies
3. Obstetric Anthropophagic Feast
4. Abnormal Postmortem Impregnation
5. Excremental Hemorrhage Fisting
6. Blood Clot Climax
7. Forced Tracheotomy Penetration
8. Leaking Stoma Intercourse
9. Feeding On Abscess
10. Transcendent Martyrdom