Necroticgorebeast - Necroticgorebeast

You don't get more brutal than a name like Necroticgorebeast, unless of course the music is even more ridiculous than you could possibly imagine, which it is. The self titled debut album by these Canadian monsters is one of the heaviest and most nasty records I've heard across the year. Following an incredibly beautiful yet grotesque album cover flows the monstrous tracks that are destined to follow. There's a brief introduction of built-up riffs and tasty bass licks supported by abhorrent, primitive grunts as if some creature is lurking in the darkness waiting to strike. Leading into 'Autoerotic Rectal Prolapse' where the drums kick in faster than you can run from whatever beast is hunting you, shortly followed by the vocalist's unique gargling and clicking vocal technique, often sounding as inhuman as you can possibly get.

Track titles could appear comical, or perhaps just menacing, such as 'Flesh Eating Ejaculation', 'Gagging On Feces', or perhaps the most sinister of them all, 'Half-Body Self Amputation'. Whilst titles like these are commonly found in this genre, this record stands out as being slightly more serious and I get the feeling the band's purpose is to offend and intimidate listeners. Whilst the band cater for the dedicated slam-aholics out there, the genre isn't strictly limited to just that. Focusing highly on a blend of technical riffs, blast beats and actually a fair among of rhythm among their songs is something that sets them apart from just being as slam or brutal as possible. It's easy to tell why Comatose music would pick this band up onto their roster, fitting in well and perhaps standing out as one of their best despite being so new to the brutal death scene.

The album's tip top and modern sounding production is the icing on the cake, executed brilliantly. Thrown in with a few horror-based samples throughout and you have a perfect death metal record ending the decade highly. Necroticgorebeast are quite possibly the next generation of brutality in extreme modern music.


1. Prostate Deflowering Primate
2. Autoerotic Rectal Prolapse
3. Flesh Eating Ejaculation
4. Sterilized Infant Fleshdoll
5. Leprosy Induced Through Sodomy
6. Ripped Entrails Baptism
7. Hacksaw Masturbation
8. Gagging On Feces
9. Boiling Epidermis Ingurgitation
10. Half-Body Self Amputation