Necrotted - Utopia 2.0

Necrotted are a German based modern death metal band with the occasional hardcore influence. 'Utopia 2.0' is their latest release, in which it's noticeable the band have pushed their boundaries for this effort in an attempt to conquer the Internet, as such of the likes of Acrania and Disfiguring The Goddess have recently done.

Consisting of two vocalists, the band soar their way through the tracks, barely giving the listener any chance to stop and think. One vocalist covers the lows and growls, whilst the other handles the mid-scream range, and highs. It is not noticeable which singer is able to pull off the shrieking pig squeals on the track 'Rebuild and Revive'. Instrumentally the album is pure technical and mesmerising. There's moments of thrash within the guitars, but there's also the hardcore feel that the album often experiments with, using the occasional breakdown when building momentum among the tracks.

Tracks like 'Confiscation Day' and 'Assimilation' are almost identical to bands such as Aborted and Despised Icon, a fusement of both would describe them best, perhaps both are influences to Necrotted too. Whilst these influences are fairly noticeable, the band are still able to create a unique brand of sound on the album, which 'Bigotry Unmasked' begins to prove with it's creepy introduction, leading into wizardry hardcore riffs.

The album often lacks variation, which overall is the band's ultimate downfall. Having admitting that - It's still only early days for the band to experiment with this sound, and eventually come into their own with harder hitting, but more recognisable tracks. But then again, this is a metal album and most metallers would not complain about how much brutality an album can pack. Clearly playing shows with fellow German giants Caliban, and We Butter The Bread With Butter has something in common with Necrotted's modern success , I can only imagine Necrotted's next release to stretch boundaries in the underground scene, and with this release they have proved they can handle themselves in a sense of maturity that some crossover death metal and hardcore bands simply cannot provide to the masses.

  1. Step Forward
  2. Utopia (We Are The Light)
  3. Rebuild And Revive
  4. Confiscation Day
  5. Assimilation
  6. Bigotry Unmasked
  7. Xenophobic Attitudes
  8. Mind Control
  9. Anthem Of The Opressed
  10. Liberty, Equality, Brutality
  11. United We Stand
  12. Philantropic Misanthrope

Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 8, 2014

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