Negativa - Negativa

The origin of Negativa begins when guitarist Steeve Hurdle left the legendary Canadian technical death metal band Gorguts. The last album Steeve played on with Gorguts called, “Obscura” would serves as the basis for the musical style which can be heard on Negativa’s debut three song EP. Released in 2006 there were only one thousand copies pressed making this a rare album to find in physical form but PRC Music just re-released this EP. Even though there are only three songs the quality definitely makes up for the quantity. Negativa’s EP is ambitious and highly experimental for its time. The mix of classic technical death metal with Avant-garde progressive metal creates an interesting original distinctive sound. The first track, “Chaos in Motion” tends to capture elements from Steeve’s Gorguts years. The vocals sound like the classic death metal style which I tend to enjoy more than the modern growl style. Instead of coming up with a common technical death metal riff the guitar parts are extremely diverse. At one point the riff will be going along and then start making these dark scratchy sounds. I think the second song "Taedium Vitae" fits well with the dark ambient metal genre because the musical is slow, heavy, and all over the place. Listening to the song I am entranced by how out there the music is and the experimental sound is down right awesome. I listened to this song the most because the composition is brilliant. Even though the song does not exactly flow structurally I like how the band messes around with different sounds that fit well together. There are too many bands who come up with the same blue print of technical death metal riff, fast pace double bass drumming, and overdone growls. Negativa steps outside the norm and arranges their songs in the most bizarre ways possible. During track three “Rebellion” I hear Jazz influences in the drumming and bass playing. At one point in the song the bass does a quick jazz style solo. These little random sounds created by each instrument all come together to make a killer song. Negativa’s overall sound is probably one of the best progressive technical death metal sounds to come out within the last ten years. Sadly Steeve Hurdle passed away and we can’t hear more from this ambitious atypical band. After listening to Negativa’s debut album I can hear their influence in many of the young experimental bands coming out. Sometimes in the world of music there needs to be a change of sound that expresses the need for innovation. The music created by Negativa will hopefully inspire more bands to be creative and mess around with different arrangements. These three songs are well worth listening to and may Steeve’s legacy carry on.



  1. Chaos in Motion
  2. Tedium Vitae
  3. Rebellion