Neldoreth - Invert Christ

Neldoreth from USA started as a black metal band but after two albums (both of them released in 2006) "Invert The Crucifix" and "Under Azazel's Dark Wings",the band decided to switch gears towards more death metal orinted sound. The main core of Neldoreth is the vocalist Oz Bloodcurse who is supported for this release by the x-Godless Rising guitarist Darrell Creel who is the guitars,bass and drum-programming for "Invert Christ".

So what you will find here is a total of six tracks of oldschool death metal with strictly satanic lyrics like written from mr.Gln Benton himself. The opening track "Invert Christ" strikes with heavy slow guitar riffs and mid-tempo drumming that reminds of the first recordings of Obituary. Second is my favourite track from this EP which happens to be the longest one also - "Massacre Of The Graceful" has it all - doomy passages followed by powerful moshing part. "The Eternal Blade" is the fastest track on "Invert Christ" with its blastbeats while "Oath Of Blasphemy" is just the opposite - slow and crushing. Oz's vocals remind me of the voice of Scott Reigel (Brutality) and there are many moments from the oldschool Tampa death metal scene that can be traced in Neldoreth's music. The last two pieces of blasphemy are two great classics:DEATH's "Evil Dead" and VENOM's "In League With Satan". Neldoreth have managed to keep the unique spirit of the originals yet to make the tracks sound fresh and interesting. The sound of this EP is good enough for a band trying to play oldschool death metal the way it was back in the beginning of the 90's. So in case you crave for some oldschool sound you may give your attention to Neldoreth and find something for yourself within their music.

1. Invert Christ
2. Massacre Of The Graceful
3. The Eternal Mockery
4. Oath Of Blasphemy
5. Evil Dead (cover Death)
6. In League With Satan (cover Venom)