Nephelium – Coils Of Entropy

Originally from Dubai, now based in Toronto Canada, this is fresh brutal death metal with a classic older sound supporting wicked riff after riff of death metal delight. When I state brutal death metal, they are a kind of hybrid between Suffocation/Krisiun/Avulsed and Aborted, so there is plenty of scope for you to wrap around your ears. From the outset, the sound is powerful encompassing many a pinched harmonic, especially on ‘Burial Ground’. The good thing about this track and the release in fact is that Nephelium do not concentrate on that brutal riff harmonic stance, there is a healthy whirlwind of guitar riffing thundering through your stereo. Another plus factor standing them outside the “usual crowd” of brutal death metal bands is the variation of the actual song arrangements, different time signatures make songs seem bright and far from monotonous.

Throughout ‘Coils of Entropy’ I never hear any let up in the musical quality, I think I have really touched upon that earlier in this review, but I must re-iterate it. ‘Hellborne’ comes at you at a much slower pace, perhaps like some classic Morbid Angel, but maybe a little bit too slow and guttural in places for my tastes. However, the resulting groove keeps you hungry and interested for the remainder of the track. A final redeeming factor for Nephelium is their avoidance to go completely technical with what I term “guitar wankery”, the riffs are controlled and fitting to the song arrangements. ‘Malediction’ ensures you are reeling in the old school sound whilst only marginally verging into modern technical sensibilities.

Nephelium really practice what they preach, tirades of technical guitar riffing co-exists with a groove and backbone sound like many of the genres big hitters. The ability and relief to resist uber technical madness leads to sensible song arrangements and pushes ‘Coils of Entropy’ into a solid death metal album category that has a modern brush with reality whilst complimenting the old school, and that’s a pretty solid statement in my books.


Self released
Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Feb 5, 2012

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Nephelium – Coils Of Entropy

  1. Burial Ground
  2. Merciless Annihilation
  3. Hellborne
  4. Malediction
  5. Halls Of Judgement
  6. Coils Of Entropy

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