Nervous Impulse - Enough For Dementia

I wasn't too sure what to expect with this cd so O stuck it on and O was greeted with quite a disturbing sample of people crying so O wasn't too sure where it was going! And then a blistering salvo of hyper grind/death metal came burstin' through my speakers! Think Pig Destroyer and Nasum on steroids with abit of Inhume thrown in for measure with the odd slam breakdown here and there hahah!!! These guys hail all the way from Quebec, Canada so hyper blastin' is in their heritage now what with Cryptopsy and Kataklysm from the same place. And this CD is fast!!!

The vocals range from ear piercing screeches to guttural vocals. The production is thick and ferocious sounding which adds to the whole experience. Production wise it kinda reminded me of Cryptopsy's very own "Blasphemy Made Flesh". This CD was an intense listen which I throughly enjoyed! It kept me interested with a nice blend of blasts and breakdowns whilst being insanely heavy!! If anything I found the CD to be a little on the short side as the songs normally average about 2 and a half mins but the CD is chocked full of brutal grind insanity. There even is a little bit of hardcore in the mix for measure which often comes across like Devourment in places so these tracks are pit-ready and poised to cause sonic destruction on the live front. This cd is a must have for any hyper grind fan!

1. Intro
2. Why Did You Shake Our Baby
3. Lowlife Jackass
4. Rockstars Faggotry
5. Truthers
6. The Bells Of Immorality
7. The Collapse Of Evolution
8. Dead Jeremians
9. Blood On The Dance Floor
10. Pure Hate