Neurolepsy - Disintegrated Cognizance

New york, New York baby!!!!! I dont think I've ever heard a bad band to come outta New York and Neurolepsy are no different. Simply put, this band absolutely SLAYS!!!!! "Disintegrated Cognizance" is a 6 track demo released by Sevared Records and I'll be honest, I was absolutely gutted when the CD ended. I just wanted more!!! The songs are brutal as fuck, catchy and more guttural than you couldĀ  shake a big stick at. Every song is a belter, not a weak song on it. The production is tight and heavy and a very natural sounding drum sound. It has technical aspects but this just all out brutality. There is grind in mix here but it's all brutal so I love it!

This CD is going straight to my hi-fi and my car cause I need to hear more of this band. I eagerly await a full length from these guys cause this is right up my street. This CD will be listened by this reviewer for a long time to come. If I could give this 6 stars I would. Awesome! now do album guys, I want more!!!

1. Intro
2. Disintegrated Cognizance
3. Atrophed Viability
4. Prerequisite Of Consummation
5. Inadmissable Cataclysm
6. Ethereal Consternation

Sevared Records
Reviewer: Connor
Feb 26, 2010

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