Neverworld - Dreamsnatcher

This is the second full length album from a hidden gem from the UK in the heavy/power metal circuit. The immediate rewarding experience you get form the opener ‘Into The Mouth Of Madness’ is encapsulated not only by the musical prowess and majestic presentation, but when the vocals begin quite far into the track, you know you have a real fulfilling album to come.

Vocally, there are some similarities to David Coverdale for me on the lower register parts, the higher end of the spectrum sound like many of the usual suspects within the scene, certainly within Europe. The almost bombastic song structures do have more balls than to label this as pure melodic metal, however, I do get drawn to similar qualities to the band Ten’s ‘Spellbound’ era on certain aspects in the production. Neverworld have really good song arrangements, period.

‘Armies Of The Night’ is almost a progressive metal masterstroke, Savatage’s more epic numbers spring to mind and even some Judas Priest when you get into other tracks on the album. The inclusion of keyboards obviously features throughout the album. They are not over the top or too “busy”, therefore I like it! Again this shows maturity in the song arrangements. ‘Passion Killers’ hits harder, as does this album compared to their debut overall, but back to ‘Passion Killers’ it’s especially in terms of the guitars at the start, the art really flows later. For this I mean, the balance of light and shade.

Neverworld provide a shot of musical nirvana, a real rewarding listening experience. The production, the song writing is all pretty special. Fans of power/heavy/progressive metal, or simply good metal need to check this band out, they are far beyond their years in terms of their recording back catalogue and for me, it’s a real change and a pleasant surprise to find such qualities so close to home. Neverworld’s future is very promising. I invite you all into the realm of the "Dreamsnatcher".

  1. Into The Mouth Of Madness     
  2. Dreamsnatcher    
  3. Armies Of The Night     
  4. Passion Killers    
  5. Under The Asylum     
  6. Fall Forever     
  7. All I Am     
  8. Awakening      
  9. The Grand Illusion      
  10. Face The Fear

Dream Demon Recordings
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 25, 2016

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