Nihilism - Apocalyptic Fate

The album opening track 'Slaves Of The Sacred Rites' starts out with a dark melody supported by the killer double bass. As the Morbid Angel riff breaks in I kinda know what to expect; pure old-school death metal in the name of the early morbid years. David Vincent seems to be the biggest vocal influence here. The general vibe is placed next to such classics as Morbid Angel's "Covenant" with numerous dark melodies and harmonies under riffs of unmatched heaviness. I loved the technique of the lead guitars over acoustic themes. It reminded me of the first days of death metal. The drummer has an excellent sound far from modern stuff and everything is in tact on his drum kit. His playing is fabulous. The ritual synth at the end of the song kills.

The 2nd track can be described with one word: war! Early Immolation riffs appear in a mosh pit favorite entitled 'A Wall'. The snare is insane. The downtuned riffs will blow your head off and the guitar phrases will make you play air guitar. The lead is played masterfully on few notes reminding James Murphy early works. Each note is to the point. Harmonious and technical riffs advance the level of a song with dominant groove.

'Akatheeb' has memorable low-end guttural vocals 'Dominate... Suffocate...' and underground riffs straight from the well. The lead is backed up with a clean bass. Guitar layers remind of Death and especially their monumental "Human" LP.

The 4th track of the album ('R.I.P.') is a morbid mix of Sinister and Immolation. The riff is based on a great idea that is very memorable. It lifts you up to heaven only to throw you to the depths of the abyss. Nice acoustic/clean guitars over a metronomed double bass and a fabulous (again) lead guitar underline the band's quality in delivering solid death metal.

'Apocalyptic Fate' starts chaotically fast. Spoken word is used to enhance the atmosphere. Torn vocal lines reveal all disgust and hatred. The band knows how to make the listener listen actively. The song has a nice production trick on the groove riff that is sent from one speaker to the other unleashing rage and fury. Few melodic passages and phrases of Finnish death metal quality temporarily calm you just before the tech riff strikes back.

'The Sin's Cost' is based on a thrash riff. Slayer of the "Hell Awaits" era smile from their throne for the heritage they have left. The song features some really nice harmonies. The Finnish riffs appear again. Their funeral ritual sequence creates an utterly sick atmosphere. The basic Slayer-ish riff returns only to spread horror.

The 7th track 'Fateful Rite' starts out with a "Master Of Puppets" meets "...And Justice For All" sick and twisted guitar melody. The deep death vocals on top of Morbid Angel themes sound absolutely diabolical. Another mosh pit favorite. The bass fills are super nice and the bass has a nice sound.

'The Human Shrine''s punishing and grandiose riff stands again on the American side of death metal. The heavier riff brought to mind Vital Remains here showing once again the band's right sound influences. Devilish.

'A Bunch Of Bones' riff brings to mind Autopsy, but within a moment it gets faster to meet the Morbid Angel standards. The guitar tapping is sick here and the leading phrases dark and desperately hellish in their death metal excellency. I would love the bass a bit higher in the mix here because it supports nice the melodies and actually is a part of them.

10th track is 'Custom Of Shame'. The classic groovy riff of the song with the second guitar performing a repeated melody serve as an intro. They soon give their place to the low end riffing and vocals. Intensity and old school death metal are here once again. The open chords will leave you breathe for a while only before the downtuned riffs drown you again into the death metal lake. Tech effects/additions are not missing.

Last song of the album is 'An Impetuous Choice'. The song is a wedding of double bass drums and riffs of Eastern melodies. Morbid Angel vocals and a general dark atmosphere exist throughout. The crunchy mid tempo riffs show the band's technical skills. Grooves are followed by fast death metal breaks with Immolation inspired phrases. The song is dark and a nice closing for the album.

Nihilism (France) perform old school death metal. In their second full length "Apocalyptic Fate" they reveal a nice songwriting with basic influences being Morbid Angel and Immolation. Still they have respect for the whole pallette of the extreme sound from thrash till death. The band seems to have listened to tons of music. The album has a very nice production and the band has very good ideas in their concept and songwriting. Their technical skills are heard but they don't overdo it with being technical. "Apocalyptic Fate" is a very well balanced album I as a death metal fan absolutely enjoyed.


1. Slaves Of The Sacred Rites
2. A Wall
3. Akatheeb
4. R.I.P.
5. Apocalyptic Fate
6. The Sin's Cost
7. Fateful Rite
8. The Human Shrine
9. A Bunch Of Bones
10. Custom Of Shame
11. An Impetuous Choice