Nihility - Beyond Human Concepts

Second album for Nihility, blackned death metal from Portugal. "Beyond Human Concepts" comes out after only 3 years from the previous "Thus Spoke The Antichrist" which had already spread the name of the band within the European death metal scene. In my opinion, this album sounds much darker and heavier than the previous one, highlighting the true potential of the band better.

Since the opener 'Martyrdom For The Herd' Nihility delimit their fields of action giving vent to all their creativity and wickedness. Excellent textures supported by a rhythm section always present and calibrated at the right point. Violent riffs but at the same time maniacally treated. Many influences to look for in this album and really noteworthy are the technicalities and the typical tech atmospheres that can be heard for example in 'Destroy The Shackles Of Prejudice'. Màrio Ferreira's voice is a fixed point and at the same time hypnotic within this album. Very deep and incisive, it is the perfect glue to blend the whole thing together.

"Beyond Human Concepts" far exceeds my expectations. It had been a long time, apart from Annihilation, that I hadn't heard such an interesting band come from Portugal. Ah, without doing it on purpose, in Nihility that Miguel Seewald plays on the bass that coincidentally he played in the Annihilation in the period 2016/2017 or so. There isn't much to say. Death metal played and produced very well. Thanks also to Vicious Instinct Records I hope that this band can (end pandemic permitting) be heard but above all see soon throughout Europe and beyond. Good! So good!

4 / 5 STARS

1. Martydom For The Herd
2. Hubris
3. Destory The Shackles Of Prejudice
4. Human Stupidity
5. Conflicting Vanities
6. Will To Power
7. The Religious Dogma
8. Beyond Human Concepts
9. Sea Of Thoughts