Nihilo - Doom

I have to admit Switzerland had always gotten a special place in my heart for its metal music! Be it the sheer cruelty and barbarity of Hellhammer, the mightyness of Celtic Frost, the etherial aura of Triptykon. The tech/thrash progressiveness of bands like Coroner and Messiah, the death metal butchery of Sickening Gore or newer bands like Bolzer or Requiem. It had always seemed like Switzerland had a unique blend of extreme metal bands to present. Most of them had their own style and personality, which is something I personally adore and constantly seek in music. Nihilo is no exception! Holy fuck! This is epic!

Don't be misled by the title. Please don't expect doom metal here, but classic early European death metal with references to the mighty Asphyx instead! Nihilo have a cement strong basis in old school death metal but instead of being imitators they open mindedly build upon it borrowing elements from other metal and non metal genres such as black metal, doom metal, grindcore, hardcore punk and thrash metal. All in an excellent mixture using the necessary portions of a wide pallet from doom to hyper-blasting themes. However, the album keeps its old school death metal character throughout. And that's the key to its success!

The guitar tone is "The Rack" worship. Fast, violent and rotten. The slower parts are insanely groovy. This is the death metal I was raised with and the sound I love.
The lead guitars in just few notes manage to sound like screams from the depths of a well that drives straight to hell, while remaining amazingly clear.

The harmonies in songs like 'Fueled By Suspicion' are totally sick. Then (oh my God!) those vocals of Ragulan Vivekananthan from Sri Lanka are maliciously deep classic death metal growls spit forth in a dark and evil spiritual way influenced by what Martin van Drunen did before in Asphyx and Pestilence!

It's a pity this band had to release their 3rd full length before I find out their music!
This album is another proof good music is still produced and all we have to do is daily seek for it. If you like old school death metal, fearlessly proceed!


1. Abuse Of Confidence
2. Death Prevails
3. Deception Of Existence
4. Fueled By Suspicion
5. Orange Hazard
6. Menace Of Wrath
7. Deceptive World
8. Antichrist
9. Doom