Nitro - Volatile Activity

This is a vinyl only physical release (but available on soundcloud digitally) and is an official release of a “lost” album recorded way back in 1987. This US band (not to be confused with the glam band of the same name), formed around 1979, this is a rather striking release and wonderfully packaged, but the music should really do the talking. Judging by the side volatile (Side 1!) material, then it most certainly does. There is a mix of styles between early barbarian styled Manowar of ‘Faking It’ to the downtuned heavier NWOBHM Witchfynde inspiration as heard on ‘Shark Lady’ with a slight American west coast twist. That chunky barbarian bass sound is highlighted on tracks such as ‘Wanted Alive’.

On side “activity”, or from ‘Do It’ onwards, you hear a lessoning in heavier material and the influence of the sunset strip scene certainly rears its head. The music goes a bit more commercial, with a lighter guitar sound, which fuels a more sing along radio friendly material with gang style group vocals for the chorus’ here and there, much different to the early raw material of the first few songs of this release. So looking into this further, it may be apparent that Nitro went through somewhat of a dilemma during this recording, hence why this release is based on the pre-production tapes.

All in all, a nice release, a great side 1 with a slightly lighter side 2. There is a new recorded track ‘Uranium’ that shows the modern direction of the band but isn’t really in keeping with this original material from the late 80’s as it’s a lot more hard rock orientated. The sound on ‘Volatile Activity’ is right for that time period it was recorded, fans of Anvil should enjoy this, albeit that bands earliest material and this sits rather comfortably on the worth a listen pile of material.

  1. Take Me Higher 
  2. Wanted Alive 
  3. Faking It 
  4. Shark Lady  
  5. Tuff Life  
  6. Do It  
  7. Rule The World  
  8. Youngblood  
  9. Pretender  
  10. Boys Will Be Boys 
  11. Uranium  (Single 2013)