No Hand Path - An Existence Regained

Greek Atmospheric/Progressive Black Metal band No Hand Path feature two members of Varathron, another Greek black metal band. Of course, once you look at the song titles, there is a loose concept album feel running through this album. There is a clear love of ‘prog’ in amongst the black metal carnage, whilst being mid paced there are many flourishes of breakneck speed nastiness, presented with a sense of class. Admittedly, it look me a few listens to take this band on board, but ‘Birth of Decision’ tantalises ones senses with many loose harmonics and dis-chorded guitars but unfortunately backed with tin-pan drums, but the guitar pieces, vocals and overall arrangements are warm and fulfilling. The slower passages, say ‘The Longest Journey’ remind me of latter day Primordial or Solstafir. As the album runs through its story, the overall feel takes you on your own journey, it is rather well crafted and a natural flow endures even the most hardened sceptic. Not to say that this is all atmosphere, and warmth, there are many fast blasts of cold chord progressions and an aspect of emptiness.

‘An Existence Regained’ initially met with thoughts of apathy and thoughts of just another non-interesting black metal release. However, given a few calming listening sessions, the progressive feel takes somewhat of a hold of you. There is actually a lot of good pieces of music throughout this release, for a band like this to be unsigned seems somewhat criminal.

  1. Birth Of Consciousness
  2. Birth Of Decision
  3. Birth Of A King
  4. Quest Of The Traitors
  5. Quest Of The Deceived
  6. Quest Of The Noble
  7. The Deepest Journey
  8. The Darkest Journey
  9. The Longest Journey

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 7, 2011

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