No/Más - Last Laugh

Washington DC's utterly brilliant No/Más are as chaotic as they come. "Last Laugh" is the band's second EP since their birthing in 2017. Cycling through six tracks in only eight minutes, you might have already sussed it that No/Más defiantly fall into the grindcore catagory. The band are short, sharp and supreme as they carefully pace themselves back and forth between modern death metal in the veins of Full Of Hell, whilst also showcasing their punk roots with catchy riffs inbetween the menacing vocals often spat or growled out by their vocalist.

The EP overall feels very DIY and there's no scenirio of any over production or computer imputted advantages, it's literally just grind, riff and then move the fuck onto the next minute song. However I wouldn't quite label No/Más strictly into the grindcore crowd, as I genuinely feel this band could play shows with almost any extreme metal band and still fit in well with the crowd, whoever that may be.

I would admit that the EP's only downfall is definitely it's length, but with that said I also wouldn't want it any longer, or to change anything about the record. I guess what I'm saying is that fans need more of this. The style suits and if you're looking for something fresh and as in-your-face as you can get then I couldn't recommend anything else for you to get your fix other than this short grinding masterpiece.


1. Claustrophobia
2. Verbal Abuse
3. Police Brutality
4. Rabia
5. Burden
6. Last Laugh