No One Gets Out Alive - Die Like The Rest

"Die Like The Rest" is the brand-spanking new album by one man death metal machine No One Gets Out Alive, from Bad Laasphe, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Firstly I'd like to commence my review by stating that NOGOA is outright brilliant, original and fun. Probably the second most clever "slam" band since Party Cannon (with their bliss-fully creative logo). The genius behind NOGOA is Andreas Schüßler, who covers everything in the band from the disgusting vocals to the blissful twanging of the banjo.

I've been listening to this band since one of their earlier albums, "Like A Lamb To The Slaughter" which was released back in 2011. The album at that time hit me with the most putrid sounding vocals I'd ever heard. The type of vocals that sound like a creaky cupboard door opening back and forth. Since then I've been somewhat a committed fan of the band, and have a bunch of the CDs amongst my collection. Now surely there's only so much you can do with the term "Banjo-Slam" you ask. Well, "Die LIke The Rest" no doubt brings out Andreas' most creative side yet, and also possibly his best album production to date.

The vocals over the years of Andreas' project have become much more accessible in the metal community. After toying around with new styles on 2016's "Severe Cold", it has become clear that each track here has overall more structure and the songs actually feel more like a song, rather than just a straight up brutal death metal gurgling/cricket noise whereas before these vocals appeared brutal for the hell of it. The banjo is obviously the band's biggest crowd-pleaser, and it sounds clearer and more gentle than ever before, riveting and somewhat mesmerising throughout. The idea of combining this instrument with this genre of music is none less than genius. It is often still noticeable that the drums and guitars often become repetitive in their sound, and whilst the programmed drums are adapted for this genre, I feel additional members for the band would only benefit them on a future release, and also so that Andreas can focus more on vocals and the banjo alone. However, NOGOA has been going for over ten years and nothing seems to be stopping them as of yet.

Memorable tracks on this album include the brilliant 'Pack Of Wolves', '37073 Burnin' and 'Hippie Shredder's List', although the whole album is worth your time and dare I say this is my new favorite NOGOA album. Additional credit for the random shotgun blast samples too.


1. 5 String Apokalypse
2. 37073 Burnin'
3. Forefather's Way
4. Backwoods Spirit
5. Kalteiche
6. Die Like The Rest
7. Pack Of Wolves
8. Good Night Human Pride XVIII
9. Eat Humans Not Animals XVIII
10. Hippie Shredder's List