Nocturnal Breed - Fields Of Rot

Oslo (Norway) is the hometown of these death thrasher called Nocturnal Breed. The band is already formed in 1996 and this "Fields Of Rot" is their 4th full length. The band consist of 4 members with real thrash names like Destroyer, Hellion, Rattlehead and Terror. Already cool huh? But wait till you play the record. It is just a furious piece of metal. Like thrash should be with a vocalist (Destroyer) who change this intonation regularly instead of monotonous yelling. He even sounds like Dave Mustaine a few times. The 2 two guitar players are raging across their instrument with changing riffs and nice solos. Tempo is mostly fast but with some breakdowns and some rock groove a la Motorhead. "Fields Of Rot" is an album you put on and fully enjoy not for the originality but because it is so damn nice to be overpowerd.

1. Wicked Vicious & Violent
2. Fields Of Rot
3. Too Damned To Conquer
4. Manskinner
5. In Sickness And In Hell
6. Invasion Of The Body-Thrashers
7. Iron Bitch
8. Code Of Conduct
9. The Dead
10. Scything Harrow
Agonia Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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