Noise Forest - Morbid Instincts

Noise Forest is a German band who is combining death metal with hardcore and so they mention it deathcore. The band is already active for 14 years and deliver their third album. The tracks are ramming with melody and groove. No fancy stuff but just pounding. Vocals remind a bit of Max Cavalera (ex Sepultura) and maybe also the groove. This album is not bringing the new thing in metal. The record is not bad but maybe it should have come out a few years ago. Although the production is clear and powerful but listen before you buy.

1. Cramp
2. Be At Peace
3. Past Redemption
4. Flag
5. Dead From The Neck Up
6. Morbid Instincts
7. Tragedy
8. Extortion Via Matrimony
9. Impact
10. DevilĀ“s Workshop
11. Maltreatment
12. Shame (Bonus Track)

Armageddon Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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