Nomans Land - Hammerfrost

From the cold north of Russia these vikings called Nomans Land show respect for Odin by delivering this folk/viking metal. A catchy style of metal decorated by typical pagan melodies performed by flutes, additional guitars and keyboards. Every song has a different vibe also intensiefied by the choice of vocal type. Spinecrushing screams out of the frost versus the clean bombastic vocals of a viking messenger. This CD takes you on a trip into Nordic mythology so don't forget to bring your ale (or vodka) and drink along with Nomans Land...

1. Lord of the seas
2. Konung
3. Breath of the north
4. At the Odin's feast
5. Triumph of winter
6. Source of mimir
7. Ale
8. Twilight of ages
9. Fjell og fjord
10. Balfor

Einheit Produktionen
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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