Nominon - Monumentomb

Nominon's "Monumentomb" is this swedish powerhouse's fourth offering of death metal played with the utmost intensity. Monumentomb takes no prisoners in its passage of chaos and destruction it leaves in its way as it seeths from your speakers.

Recorded at Sweden's very own Necromorbus Studio, the production on this cd is very much of Swedish origin: Rusty chainsaw guitars (ala boss heavy metal pedal turned to max), guttural vocals, distorted subsonic bass and beyond thunderous drums. I can't fault the production here on this cd. It pulverizes my very ribcage as i write this review. I love everthing here in the mix. There really is nothing i can say bad about it.

The songs harness just about everything you love about death metal and blend it up with alot of grooves and blasts. Lyrically, they deal with all things blasphemous and morbid and often sounds as if there are some black metal influences but this only adds to the mixture to entice the listener in. There's a little something for everyone here in the way of brutality. I have to admit i found this cd alot easier to get into than the bands previous outings but thats only a good thing. What i did like alot here is the bands song writing structures. They are so varied and exciting, that one doesn't expect whats coming next. I have to make note that the drumming on this album i think is what sells the whole cd to me. The playing is simply awesome with a very natural kit sound which in todays music is becoming somewhat of a rarity. There is enough chugging riffs to get your head banging anytime, so get your horns in the air and check these boys out on tour this summer from June 18th - July 8th. Check em out and buy this cd. You'll thank yourself for it and be glad you did.

1. Mantra Reverse 
2. Archfiend
3. Undead Beast 
4. Kevorkian Exit 
5. Omen 
6. Mountain Of Hate 
7. Worm
8. Worship 
9. Wrath Of Shiva

Deathgasm Records
Reviewer: Connor
May 24, 2010
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