Nordicwinter - Threnody

Supreme Black Metal soul invasion from Saint-Eustache, Quebec Canada. Evillair, heads this jugernaut doing all vocals, guitars, and drum programming. This is the second album I have listened to from NoneMoreBlack Records, its official, there are more talented musicians on this label then on most I have been exposed to. The music is nothing short of the bands name, raw, freezing, black metal with a well mixed sound..instruments dont overpower vocals ro vise/versa. Every thing is leveled just right. Guess its true..You want it done right you gotta do it yourself! Midpaced heavy, entrancing music. Band sounds like a cool mix of Emperor, Bathory, and Mayhem. Check out Evilliar.. tell who sent ya!!

1. Crimson Moon
2. Enshrined in Ice
3. Unto Dark Winds
4. Ancient Prophecies
5. Echoes of Solitude
6. A Winter's Veil
7. Legions
8. Of Mist and Shadows
9. A Blissful Twilight Death

None More Black Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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