Nullification - Kingdoms To Hovel

Here we have a band from the Philippines that was created in 2021 and released its debut album "Kingdoms To Hovel" in 2022 on the label Personal Records. That's some fast work, ain't it?! The four guys in Nullification (Andrei Alemania - drums, Jonathan Miranda - guitars, Jayson Gonzales - guitars and Rozel Leano - bass/vocals) are experienced musicians who are active in other bands such as Desolator and Formless Oedon. Nullification is their old-school death metal project and this debut record offers eight tracks (not counting the intro) that will surely delight the ears of the death metal fans out there.

The first track after the intro, 'The Sledgehammer' strikes with Suffocation-like aggression and ferosity and shows that Nullification are serious in what they do. Morbid Angel is another big influence as is obvious from tracks like 'Negated Fields' and 'Inside The Surreal'. Some thrash metal elements are also present like the Slayer-like riff in the closing track 'I,The Nullifier'.

"Kingdoms To Hovel" has a raw and unpolished production, the cover artwork is like dug out from the 80's tape trading days so everything that is needed for a good and dirty old-school death metal fun is present. Nullification does not offer something new to the genre but still deserves attention and support.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Intro To Annihilation
2. The Sledgehammer
3. Calamity From The Skies
4. Kingdoms Reduced To Hovel
5. Deliverance From Chaos
6. Negated Fields
7. Inside The Surreal
8. Everything... And Everyone (Nullified)
9. I, The Nullifier