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Portland, Oregon, USA – one of the most lively cities in the USA – Nux Vomica are from there. Bands like Poison Idea or Wipers come from there, too and soon, I’m sure, Nux Vomica will be playing in the same league as this fucking great bands! On my turntable now… Nux Vomica’s self titeld album “Nux Vomica” published in 2014 and released by Relapse Records, one of the most famous labels worldwide! Already in 2011, Nux Vomica were a revelation for me with their output “Embrace The Cycles”. Only two songs but… WTF - great shit! But with their actual album they reach, I think, the olympus of CRUSTCORE.

You suffocate while listening to these extremely atmospherics songs. It pulls you deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper into a hard swamp and there is no way out until the album ends. An organic heaviness caught somewhere between Neurosis and His Hero Is Gone. This is definitely nothing for the way. You have to take your time to listen to these three songs but it is worth it. Long, pressing, heavy, but a surprise at all times, suddenly infinite power and somehow it goes through the mud and after a while…..STOP – again, and the heaviness is unbearable. Much harder than before. And there it is. No chance to breathe. Each swallow hurts for minutes. On the Relapse Records homepage you can read: 40+ minute emotional odyssey into the depths of human darkness. A flawless combination of epic song structures with crushing melodies and colossal riffs with powerful dynamics, Nux Vomica is a truly captivating experience that will appeal to fans of everything extreme. And I can agree one hundred percent.

My favorite is the second song 'Reeling' at 7:30 min and following. Shit - genius! Musically, there is not the slightest fault. Guitars, bass, vocals, drums are absolutely balanced and well mixed and mastered. Nux Vomica shows what CRUST can be. Perhaps CRUST is the only music that is able to express the endless deep bitterness about the people and the world and the perpetual struggle to get out of this bitterness  and the resulting pain. And that's what this band succeeds in. Respect. Therefore, I can only give an absolute buying recommendation!

  1. Sanity Is For The Passive
  2. Reeling
  3. Choked At The Roots

Reviewer: Rolf
May 14, 2014

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