Nyksta - Lieka Tik Sienos

I call it black metal they term it as being urban black metal, well either-way I  LOVE IT!

It has been awhile since I have listened to black metal from Lithuania and Nyksta with their debut album "Lieka Tik Sienos" was a good wake me up to bend my ears back in that direction. This album is deep and philosophical, it awakens the intellect and carries you beyond the concept of time, well at least in my humble opinion that is haha. In the words of the band themselves their music is: the art of urban and mental decay via music and sound. Well however you wish to analyse it "Lieka Tik Sienos" is a very wicked album and this is a VERY impressive debut.

Even though all tracks are in Lithuanian each will manage to allure you into the very core of it's being regardless if you understand the language or not. The blackened atmosphere that Nyksta creates here is cold and cruel yet at the same time embracing just like nature is.

This is a very well put together album which is boiling with musical talent, everything simply meshes perfectly together bringing harsh reality into an artistic view. As stated you do not need to understand the language of the lyrics, it is the music that speaks to you and it will puncture your brain and vibrate through your auric barrier grabbing your soul and holding on until the end of the last track.

Now many of you will be thinking that I am being overly extravagant with my words here but trust me once you have listened to this album you will then totally understand. "Lieka Tik Sienos" is part of the essence of the Black Flame.

Band Members: Vaidotas - voice/guitars, Laimis - guitars, Valdas - bass/sax, Mindaugas - drums and Saulius - ambient/noise.

1. Vyne 
2. Smelkiasi
3. Žmogus: I - Dar Giliau
4. Žmogus: II - Paranoja 
5. Į.I
6. Liestis 
7. Rytojaus Moralės Dykuma