Nyx Aether – Entering Into Rebirth

If November’s Doom and Ava Inferi decided to get together and create an album together, this is how it would sound. Nyx Aether is a Symphonic Dark Metal act that takes the best elements of female led Symphonic Metal with male led Death Doom and clashes it together for an equilateral effort. Unlike most typical female/ male jointed bands where one is given seventy five percent and the other twenty five, Nyx Aether shares both vocal duties on an even level that is quite enjoyable. From the slow, churning guitars mixed with soaring keyboards on a track like “Flight Of The Spirits,” listeners can certain feel the energy raging in the music like a tempest. Sometimes the symphonic elements are more evident than others in their diversity- sometimes the wavering keyboards can get a bit boring so the band tosses in other things such as percussion, choirs/ chants, clean piano, and overall a whole new atmosphere such as on “Nibirus Return.” Other times it is straight up Symphonic Doom on “The Grandest Transformation,” but even here the symphonic elements outweigh the depressing, slow chugging guitar, so the upbeat elements are not lost.

Other pieces are purely symphonic interludes like “Redemption.” Here the Ava Inferi elements can really be heard as the music is comprised of nothing but the clean female vocals and the symphonic background that laces most of the tracks. Oddly enough, the symphonic elements alone are more depressing when in conjunction with the Doom Metal elements- maybe because it is quieter. In turn, a track like “Dances Of Death” features more chugging, a lot more growling- My Dying Bride style- and overall a more heightened, nervous atmosphere that is soothed when the female vocal parts come in. All throghout the album this dichotomy is presented on different levels and helps makes the listening experience all the more enjoyable. It’s not quite typical ‘Metal,’ but those seeking an avant-garde experience of the genre will find ‘Entering Into Rebirth’ a lot of fun to listen to as it is a piece that can be heard aesthetically (for pleasure) and efferently (to seek meaning in structure) and earn two different results depending on the view.

Reviewer: devilmetal747

Nov 2, 2012

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Nyx Aether – Entering Into Rebirth

  1. In Memoria
  2. The Grand Transformation
  3. Bittersweet Illusion
  4. Consequence Of Purity
  5. Silence Of The Night
  6. Redemption
  7. Flight Of The Spirits
  8. Dances Of Death
  9. Nibirus Return
  10. Anima In Omne Tempus

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