Oath To Vanguish - Applied Schizophrenic Science

Lebanon is not directly a country connected to metal (bombs not to be counted) but there is a metal scene going on. A band that scored a deal with the UK label Grindethic Records is Oath To Vanguish. A trio that plays death grind metal on a skilled level. And that is showing off in the fast and technical power. Multiple style vocals, blasting drums and guitars that bring the melody in not over the top speed riffing. With a clear and pounding production the brutality comes alive. The album need some listening rounds as they are not using the typical structures. Lebanon maybe be an embryo in the metal scene but Oath To Vanguish is fucking mature!

1. Pear of Anguish
2. Dearly Beheaded
3. Funeral in F Sharp
4. Executive Onslaught
5. Toxic Bowel Manoeuvre
6. Sulphuric Semen
7. Symptoms of Accrued Transgression
8. Sorrow in Adornment
9. Coat-hanger Massacre

Grindethic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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