Obbrobrio/Jan AG - Split (tape)

This tape has been send to me by Claudio who is also playing in Gradinata Nord. Obbrobrio is something else. It is more a grind/fun band. On this split tape with Jan AG the band has a lot of short songs that have some nice laughs. What do you think of a possessd Britney Spears remix. Also on the tape the songs of a split 7" with Disarm. Although the sound is not so good (or am I having a bad taperecorder?) the songs are great to listen to if you take things not seriously. Jan AG is a project from the Agathocles. The songs on this tape are full songs of grind. Precise what you expect, fast songs and th screamy voice.

la Fiera Dell'Odio Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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