Obeah - Demo 2009

This is a lil jem of a 3 track demo that I was sent and I was very pleasantly surprised. Like I say there are 3 songs on this cruncher of a demo much in the vein of Deicide and Cannibal Corpse I thought. These guys are all the way from Holland and in this demo they make no bones in telling ya what the fuck they are about. This is death metal!

It has very much a reminicent of the old early 90s Florida sound which I am very sure they were aiming for. Theres even a little bit of Obituary in the mix noticably so in their mid paced parts. The production is very clear punchy and heavy and to be honest I've heard worse albums. It's quite a catchy demo this as I found myself humming the riffs whilst driving my car so that can only be a good thing. I gotta say for the record, the opening track is an absolute stomper, "Bound By Light".

A very promising demo with all being well, a great future ahead of em! Look out for Obeah.

1. Bound By Light
2. Pinnacles Of Horrors
3. From Abysmal Depths

Self released
Reviewer: Connor
Feb 15, 2010

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