Obiat - Eye Tree Pi

Obiat's third album with the strange title "Eye Tree Pi" is another eclectic release from a band that has been hard to put a tag on. Even more strange is this album has been put out by Small Stone Records which makes it one of the most unique releases on the label, its so much different compared with other bands from the Small Stone stable. Also the band is unique in the fact they have band members from Poland, Italy and Hungry but are based in London, England. The band has a sound all of their own because while they are primarily in the Doom genre, they also have a post-metal sound that at times sound like System Of A Down. A strange mix but one that seems to work most of the time. The band has a lot of ambiance that reaches into the Yob scheme of things while they also throw in N.W.O.B.H.M, Folk Rock, Progressive Rock and Stoner Rock riffing. The atmosphere they create stems from their ability to do a lot of loud/quiet parts and the first three tracks on the album are the best examples of that. "Poison Thy Honey", "Delights" and "Serpents Rights" are all great tracks and are some of the best tracks on offer here, after that I have mixed feelings about the album. The faults I hear lay in the mixing of genres which at times sound a little confused, they sound best when they are laying down a crunching doom riff but too often they head in other directions which leave me a bit cold. Vocalist Laz Pallagi keeps a clean tone throughout most of the album which gives them a unique edge compared with other singers out there that are either screaming or growling. "NoMad NoMind" shows the band at their best with a head-crushing Doom riff, this track alone is enough to warrant checking out this album. I would rate this album about the same as their other output but I also think this will be the most successful album so far from Obiat. Its a album that gives the listener a bit of everything to check out and they have a style that is pure Obiat and nothing else. One of the most original bands on the scene at the moment but where they fit in within the Stoner/Doom underground remains to be seen. I know one thing, these songs seem to be tailor made for live shows and I can imagine it must be a real sonic experience seeing them playing live. I listened to this CD some 20 times before attempting to review it, it is one of those albums that takes some time to soak in and the blending of genres is a acquired taste. Once you get whats going on however, it becomes a minor favorite.

  1. Poison Thy Honey
  2. Delights
  3. Serpents' Rites
  4. Nomad Nomind
  5. Passive Attack
  6. AA54089
  7. House of the Forgotten Sins

Small Stone Records
Reviewer: Ed
Nov 8, 2009

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