Obscene Entity - Obscene Entity

This Obscene Entity comes from the United Kingdom and threat us with their self-titled debut EP. Calum Gibb (bass/vox),Luke Braddick (drums) and Matt Adnett (guitars/vox) have created five pieces of brutal and technical death metal that will please the ears of every true fan of the genre. The opening track "Red Tide" hits you right between the eyes with its Cannibal Corpse-like aggression. From the first tunes it becomes clear that those guys know pretty well how to play on their instruments. Calum Gibb and Matt Adnett share the vocal duties and they both have deep and furious grunting voices. The second track "World For Thought" have melodic lines that remind of Carcass in their "Heartwork" era while the following "The Nephilim" have obvious Morbid Angel influence. "Doomed" offer elements of modern thrash/death metal played with awesome precision. The final "Hell Goer" surprises with chugging guitar riffs combined with double bass drumming in the vein of Fear Factory. The sound of this EP is on a very good level and there is nothing to complain about in this department - pure sound brutality of the highest class. Obscene Entity are one original and very promising band and I'm pretty curious to hear more from them in the future. Check them out!


1. Red Tide
2. World For Thought
3. The Nephilim
4. Doomed
5. Hell Goer