Obscene - See

Djent death metal? I think that's what this is, but modern metal has acquired such variety in genres in recent years that anything could nowadays become classified as metal. Obscene's mini album 'See' is packed with an entrancing array of...well, everything! 

'Unnamed' breathes life into the short album, with a stunning outlook on several combined genres, which leaves us gasping at the blaring talent. The modern djent movement is easily noticeable, which brings up the question; Are Obscene acting as a sheep, and following this new trend? Whatever the answer may be, Obscene pull off this sound with a superb production, announcing every initial detail from the secretive twanging of the bass guitar, to the haunting melody of some unusual clean vocals halfway through the track. Which then embraces a maniacal guitar solo backed up by the summoning djent tones captivating a bizarre whirlwind of technical noise. 

'Blind Citizens' and 'Stupid Manipulator' continue to rage and boast their abusive talent, but it's the two instrumental tracks 'Isolated', and 'Human Epitaph' that become a chore to listen to, in which I believe shouldn't be the case with instrumental tracks. Final song 'No More Fucking Love Songs' picks up the pace focusing solely on the more death metal attributes, enabling my previous thoughts on the instrumentals to dissolve away for now. 

Whilst the death metal vocals do infact create a rather unique genre when conjoined with the whole djent thing, there's something about this band that could make it sound overall...more interesting. Don't get me wrong, this is some groovy material, it's just lacking a certain punch for the band to progress unto the next chapter.


  1. Unnamed
  2. Isolated
  3. Blind Citizens
  4. Human Epitaph
  5. Stupid Manipulator
  6. No More Fucking Love Songs