Obsecration - Onwards The Mystic Paths Of The Dead

What best term could there be other than 'OLD SCHOOL' for this one here? New release from these Greek death metal legends Obsecration. These guys go back to 1991 when everything started more or less, went through many ups and downs but never stopped! With their previous full of 2013 ("Into The Bloodemonium") still jamming on my track list when I wanna feel the vibes of the good old days, I was really curious to see how they would deliver this time! New line up, and it reflects upon their music which still remains heavy and cave-ish but this time their riffs seem to have a thrashy side as well.

Don't get me wrong here! Obsecration still manage to deliver agonizing old school death metal directly from their cave to your ears. It is just that this time the riffs carry with them a thrash metal 90s aura boosting the ferociousness of the album even more. So let's see what we got here. Eleven tracks reeking the rot of the 90s era in death metal. Swirling riffs, not so much on the technical side but utterly rabid, creating song structures that strike through your scull with their simplicity. Brutality comes through simplicity they say, right? Obsecration prove that sayin and more.

The bass guitar, fat and precise, boosting the guitars, playing exactly what's needed. No exaggerations here! Along with the guitars it manages to create a wall of sound thick and intact, held together by the relentless but accurate and to the point drumming! What is mostly amazing about these guys here is that despite the many member changes and possibly song writing personalities, they managed to maintain a character in their music. You can tell when you are listening to a new Obsecration album. It is the razor sharp riffs, the haunting leads and solos that come in plenty in this one, the fat and precise bass guitar and the devastating drums but mostly, it is the vocals man! One thing that hasn't changed over the years is the voice behind each Obsecration album and in the end it is what defines them. Without taking away any glory from all the rest, it is what stands in front of everything as a distinctive element to their albums. Hard and deep growls directly from the land of Cthulhu.

All the above are extremely boosted and brought together, creating a cohesive and unique sum by the production. Mixing is splendid giving a fair space to the instruments but keeping the vocals up front creating this way a 90s feel to the entire outcome. Mastering is fair, trying to maintain a balance. Thus being said, the outcome is not bright and shiny but on the contrary. It is muddy and kind of creates a chocking feel to it but guess what... This is what it needed! No one needs crystal clear shit here. It needed to be as it sounds exactly. Despite the muddiness of the outcome though, you can hear all the instruments crystal clear. Everything can be spotted separately and again they all work cohesively forming their new beast called "Onwards The Mystic Paths Of The Dead". Prepare yourselves for a new Lovecraftian nightmare buried under pages of the Necronomicon. See you on the other side!

5 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Onwards The Mystic Paths Of The Dead (Intro)
2. Beyond The Nightmarish Passage At The Skeletons Valley
3. Recollections For The Great Unknown (Hyperborea Pt. III)
4. Shadows ...
5. The Powers Of Darkness
6. The Cry Of Those Who Rejected Life
7. Incest, Brutality & The Abuse (Avoriaz Pt. I & Pt. II)
8. Circle Of The Nemesis (Avoriaz Pt. III)
9. ... At The Bonds Of Lucifer
10. When The Sky Turns Dark
11. Chaotic Threat